What Is the Difference between Local and Long Distance Moving and Storage in Sanford, FL?

When hiring a moving service it is important to understand the difference between local and long distance moving and storage in Sanford, FL. Understanding the difference is important because the type of move not only determines how movers charge for the move, but also how they are regulated.

A local move which is also known as an intrastate move is a move that takes place solely within the borders of a state, regardless of distance. For example, hiring a moving and storage service to transport goods from Sanford, FL to Tallahassee is considered a local or intrastate move. All intrastate moves in the State of Florida are billed at an hourly rate and are regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. For their protection, consumers should always ensure the moving service they use has a valid state certificate.

On the other hand, moving from one state to another is considered a long distance or interstate move. These moves are billed by weight instead of an hourly rate and are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). For instance, hiring a moving truck to pick up furnishings in Sanford, FL and take it to your new home in Georgia is considered a long distance or interstate move because it crosses state lines. Some long distance moves may actually be shorter in mileage than some local moves, but if it crosses a state line, it is a long distance or interstate move. Contrary to what many consumers may realize, all moving and storage companies charge the same rate per pound for long distance moves. The amount moving carriers charge is set by the FMCA.

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