What you need to do and think about before you move:

  • Notify Post Office-Fill out change of address cards with a forwarding address.
  • Notify Post Office-Fill out change of address cards with a forwarding address.
  • Notify charge accounts and credit cards.
  • Mail charge of address cards to subscribers.
  • Notify banks; transfer funds, including checking accounts.
  • Notify insurance companies.
  • Inform service companies (water, gas, electricity, fuel, telephone, cable television) of the date youíll be leaving.
  • Arrange for any refunds on deposits.
  • Inform new utility and service companies of the address and date to start services (water, gas, electricity, fuel, telephone, cable television, ect.)
  • Health information Ė Ask Doctors and dentists for referrals. Arrange to transfer medical records, prescriptions, and birth records.
  • Notify school office and arrange to transfer records.
  • Transfer memberships to church, civic organizations, Ask for letter of introductions.
  • Notify Department of Motor Vehicles of new address for driverís license.

Moving and Packing Tips

Over the years we managed to pick up a few tricks. Whether we are helping you with your move or not, check out some of our moving tips:

  • Tape boxes on top and bottom.
  • Clearly label all of your boxes according to their content and handling instructions
  • Towels and linens make excellent packing materials for fragile items.
  • Cloth items can be left in drawers
  • Bundle garden tools, fishing poles and the like together
  • When packing breakables use a lot of news paper, bubble wrap, and other packing materials.
  • Use linens or blankets for wrapping mirrors, pictures and such
  • Always move cash, jewelry, and other precious items yourself
  • Movers should not move any flammable materials such as gas, propane, ammo, etc
  • Pack a box of cleaning supplies and keep it under the sink so itís not misplaced on moving day
  • Once reconnected in your new place, always run the washer and dryer before the movers leave
  • Pack things you will need right away (clothes, toiletries, phone, keys, current bills, important papers, et cetera) and move these yourself

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